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Evoke Your Divine Feminine with the Art of Tease.



This burlesque workshop is a unique fusion of spirituality and sensuality, embodying the divine feminine energy through classic burlesque teases. Allow Sass A Frass to guide you through a transformative journey where she teaches you the art of tease while connecting to your sensual self.


In this workshop she will provide all the goodies such as gloves stockings, boas and fans for the glove removal-stocking peel/removal. She will also offer beverages and charcuterie goodies which are a 'must' for this girlies get-together. A brief history of burlesque will be shared.

'It's easy; register,  pay, and enjoy a sexy, sultry time.  No prior dance experience needed. Here is what you'll need:


   1.  Yourself - with a sexy attitude.  Let us help you bring out

         your inner goddess.

   2.  Wear comfortable workout clothes.  Street clothes

        discouraged. Wear what makes you feel sexy. There will

        be stocking peels which can be performed over leggings

        but jeans are discouraged.

   3.  Heels are optional and fun if you choose.        

   4.  Water Bottle

   5.  Workout towel (optional)

That's it!  We expect this class to sell out so register today!

This class is designed for women 18 years and up.

This is a private class. Spectators will not be allowed.

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